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Fireworks Festival~!
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My To-Do list
~personal training for Tark'ee and Kukuri
~ Icons and profile stickers for TheGreatVescryll
- Tark'ee Stuffs!
- any 1/2 wild BTT's for Nero in exchange for 2 slots to Yeti - Comment Thread
- 2 wild BTT's for Agatha (not approved yet) for a slot to Idalia.
- 1 wild BTT for a slot to Valentini - Comment Thread
- 43/48 FP for Hawke for 2 slots to Anka - Comment Thread
- 22/25 FP to Althea for slot to Udina - Comment Thread
- 43/50 FP to Elsa (not approved) for Pearl Geno - Comment Thread

CoL Collabs:
- Zukra vs. Ophelia with DreamFall-A-new-era - Image - Comment
- Fiore vs. Crevan with Zazwaki - Image - Comment
- Fiore vs. Neyla with CPT-Elizaye - Image - Comment

Started / WIPS

Amusing / not pressing
- 'try to find DK!' - Fluffypuppy will give a slot if I can find him.
- Harem Battle - O'tier and A'thru'tash vs. Ziva and Cydaea (fighting over Ziptide)

- 20 FP to Khloe (Suilk Daughter) for slot to her
- wild tier3 training for Lavi for a slot to him. comment thread
- 40 FP to Talvi for a slot to her - Comment Thread
- 1 Tame BTT for Schmetterling for a slot to her.
- Image with Liath and one of my kukuri, or FP boost? (notes)

Others Owe Me
~ in various threads ~
BadlyDrawnDragons - PAID IN USD - Semyaza half-body, Kai Fullbody, Adopt Bust

Random Favourites

Hell's Garden by xXRed-RabidXx Hell's Garden :iconxxred-rabidxx:xXRed-RabidXx 17 1 Blue Butterfly - SpeedPaint by GoldenDruid Blue Butterfly - SpeedPaint :icongoldendruid:GoldenDruid 66 0 Fox in Repose by GoldenDruid Fox in Repose :icongoldendruid:GoldenDruid 175 12 Suilk 654 by Kuku-ri Suilk 654 :iconkuku-ri:Kuku-ri 13 16 [AP] NYC by VulonVen [AP] NYC :iconvulonven:VulonVen 79 13 Merialeth 3765 by Kre-Kael Merialeth 3765 :iconkre-kael:Kre-Kael 34 2 Tempest 4407 by EyeOfGalyx Tempest 4407 :iconeyeofgalyx:EyeOfGalyx 22 6 [ Tribute of Galyx ] Poor little penguin by VireeArt [ Tribute of Galyx ] Poor little penguin :iconvireeart:VireeArt 22 6 Flappy Bread Birb by nekonotaishou Flappy Bread Birb :iconnekonotaishou:nekonotaishou 176 16 Gyrfalcon Tributes by Ciameth Gyrfalcon Tributes :iconciameth:Ciameth 60 6 Ghost at the Brigde by Sankko Ghost at the Brigde :iconsankko:Sankko 6 2 Glizda by Anivi Glizda :iconanivi:Anivi 813 37 Salamander Island Snoot by VisceralLuster Salamander Island Snoot :iconvisceralluster:VisceralLuster 15 1 Dragon Busts by DemonML Dragon Busts :icondemonml:DemonML 358 18 Felidae-Heterocera by GoldenDruid Felidae-Heterocera :icongoldendruid:GoldenDruid 379 29 Lynx - SpeedPaint by GoldenDruid Lynx - SpeedPaint :icongoldendruid:GoldenDruid 153 7

My Beauties!

Collection of all my ARPG or CS characters!
:icontarkee: - Tracker
:iconkukuri-arpg: - Tracker
:iconsnekderg-arpg: - Stash
:iconsaurian-amoux: - Stash
:iconketucari: - Stash
:icondracostryx: - Stash


ClarityWind has started a donation pool!
503 / 3,000
This is only so I can slowly save up for premium membership. But if that takes too long, then points for potential contests I'll hold in the future :P
~Please don't feel obliged to donate. This is just here in case someone wants to for any reason.~

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I just realised that I am at 198 watchers as of writing out this journal! So, why not hold a watcher raffle for when I reach 200 watchers?
I would like to take a moment to thank you all for supporting my art and my experimentation. For putting up with my inconsistent style and my random bursts of colour. I want to thank-you all for not frowning at my lack of colour theory and almost no composition in most of my submissions.
Whether you're a long time watcher and supporter (looking at you, TheGreatVescryll ) or one of my newest stalkers, I appreciate each and every one of you for your faves, comments and support in general <3

I will be raffling off THREE prizes! Winners will be drawn from

How to Enter?

  • Be a watcher (this is a raffle to celebrate my watchers!)
  • Comment below with the character you would like drawn if you win, as well as which character of mine you want them drawn with!
  • Note: If you'd rather a pagedoll (no or minimalistic background), let me know!


  • Comment below to enter, you will recieve 1 ticket.
  • Each person you tag who joins the raffle will get you an additional ticket.
  • Share this giveaway in a journal or status update (link in your comment) for an additional ticket.

Your character can be an OC, a fan-character, or something based on a CS or ARPG species. Anything goes!
Keep in mind I cannot draw armor or humans well at all.

Bring on the prizes!

1st place

Fullbody piece of your character and mine with a background.
Intimacy [ enamored ] by ClarityWindBACK OFF by ClarityWindFireworks Festival - Flower Stand by ClarityWind

2nd place

Half-body piece of your character and mine with a simple background.
Circling Attack by ClarityWind

3rd place

Bust or Half-body piece of your character and mine.
Kuku Busts by ClarityWindMLP - Junko Foal Bust by ClarityWind

Your character will be drawn with one of my characters of your choice!

Your character will be drawn with my own character! Feel free to offer up a prompt, emotion or way in which they are interacting (or maybe posing for a picture?)
You may choose any of my characters to be drawn with yours!

Suilk and/or Nee
They can be together with your character, or apart.
Suilk loves plants. Nee is easily flustered and embarrassed. Both are quite clumsy.

a great feathered blue dragon.

Aggressive gryphondragon.

Gilligan Venomfang
Venomous neon wyvern who glows sometimes.

Vulpine skypilot
I accept USD or Points at $1 USD = 100 points.

I have a savings goal of $70 USD to get a group to Super.
Progress: 0/70


Dragoness by ClarityWind Circling Attack by ClarityWind MLP - Junko Foal Bust by ClarityWind
- Simple Background (Optional)
- Cell Shaded (mostly)
$15 USD or 1500 points

Full-Body Page Dolls

Domain by ClarityWind L'angenoir by ClarityWind Aria Pagedoll by ClarityWind Mandragora by ClarityWind Apophis Pagedoll by ClarityWind Protective Stance [ tribute ] by ClarityWind Festive Dance Sticker by ClarityWind
- No background
- Glow / Outline optional

$20 USD or 2000 Points

I'm happy to look at almost any character - however I will refuse a commission if I don't believe I can do it justice.
I will send WIPs to the commissioner to request edits on unless you ask me to not.
I am happy to accept ARPG's, OC's, Original Species, go off descriptions, etc.
Additional Characters accepted.
Please let me know what you're after if you have specifics, such as pose, expression, dimensions (vertical based, horizontal based, or square?) or anything else you'd like!

All USD payments will go through Paypal - I will send an Invoice.
Point payments can be done however you feel easiest (commissions widget, transfer, etc)
I am very much in want of Bone Armor, and so I need some crafting ingredients.
I am offering Tark'ee things as well as other ARPGs! Let me know what you're interested in and I'll see if I have anything available.

- I am offering slots and genos in exchange for HUNTING activity submissions as well
- Please let me know what you want in return for your items! As well as how many you are selling/trading.


Elbeast Antler (1/1)
5 Large Skull (0/5)
7 Small Skull (3/10)
33  Bone (
7/40) Thought I was closer :c
3 Scrap Iron (2/5)
14 Tattered Feathers (1/15)


195: Valence by TarkeeTales 173: A'thru'tash by TarkeeTales 157: Derki by TarkeeTales 150: O'tier by TarkeeTales 109: Coco by TarkeeTales 114: Jarruk by TarkeeTales 124: Azazel by TarkeeTales 128: War'kru by TarkeeTales 095: Cydaea by TarkeeTales 083: Apophis by TarkeeTales 025: Fiona by TarkeeTales 004: Drawki by TarkeeTales 010: Kai by TarkeeTales


Check here for most up-to-date list of available genos :)
[S] Tark'ee Genos (Piebald, Bat Wings, Twin Baby)Nothing fancy :) Just selling a few Tark'ee Genos!
I'm happy to accept art from other ARPGs (Kukuri, Stryx, Ketucari, Snekderg, Du'kaal, Amoux, etc), just let me know what your preferred species is and I'll see about it - however I prefer Tark'ee art (activities and/or training!)
Each activity or training 'roll' (1 Tark'ee depicted) gives you 1 week for completion. (eg, if I ask for '3 activity entries' you can draw 3 Tark'ee in 1 image and you'll have 3 weeks to do it in)
You're more than welcome to add in your own Tark'ee too - I am not fussed at all.
Plentiful and Common are normal font
Italic = Uncommon
Underlined = Rare
Bold = Dominant
Breeding Comment
2) Male Flight - Average Fertility
mm, ww, aa, Bb, gg || nTwi, nHd, nFl, nTa
Brown Twi-Wing, Hood, Flecks and Tail
[H: 4][S: 5][I: 1][Dex: 5][Def:



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