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New Serpentine Tark'ee!
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Secluded Snugs :iconclaritywind:ClarityWind 6 1
ClarityWind (Samson): Samson awoke himself early the next morning, stretching lazily but thoroughly. He shook himself until he stood upright, his sleeping place beckoning for him to remain in the warm spot he'd dug for himself rather than to greet the cold predawn. However, he was a rook on a mission, and so with a large yawn and final stretch, he set out into the dark forest. His eyes were not accustomed to the dark, but he was intent on impressing Udina whom he had met just yesterday. She was beautiful, intelligent and an awesome huntress. What more could he want from a dove to raise his offspring? Not that he'd tell her that, not yet. Right now, he had to impress her and repay the meal he was given the night before - and he was already on the trail of something delicious smelling. Stalking through the bush with trained care, entirely unlike the clumsy image he showed Udina yesterday, he skillfully tracked down the prey which was teasing him with its scent - a fat hare! It too
:iconclaritywind:ClarityWind 0 0
Dragon and Anthro YCH Auction [open] :iconclaritywind:ClarityWind 21 9 Gilligan Venomfang :iconclaritywind:ClarityWind 11 1 Rooster Run :iconclaritywind:ClarityWind 14 6 Falling for You [ enamored + collab] :iconclaritywind:ClarityWind 9 0 Sweet Nothings [ enamored ] :iconclaritywind:ClarityWind 13 7 Moonlight Guardian [ traveling ] [ tarn ] :iconclaritywind:ClarityWind 22 13 Show offs [ valentine event ] :iconclaritywind:ClarityWind 9 8 Booty Buddies :iconclaritywind:ClarityWind 13 1 Belly Buddies [ enamored ] :iconclaritywind:ClarityWind 8 4 BACK OFF :iconclaritywind:ClarityWind 21 5 I got all the tail :iconclaritywind:ClarityWind 12 8 Failed to impress :iconclaritywind:ClarityWind 4 10 Behavioural Studies :iconclaritywind:ClarityWind 2 0 Winston Portrait :iconclaritywind:ClarityWind 6 6

My To-Do list
~personal training for Tark'ee and Kukuri
~ YCH image for TheGreatVescryll
~ Icons and profile stickers for TheGreatVescryll

Started / WIPS
- 3/4 prospecting ventures with Zuri for pandelope in exchange for slot to Vis (use my Ketucari too - Journal)

Amusing / not pressing
- 'try to find DK!' - Fluffypuppy will give a slot if I can find him.
- Harem Battle - O'tier and A'thru'tash vs. Ziva and Cydaea (fighting over Ziptide)

- 40FP to Jalohauki for slot to Synti (Comment Thread)
- wild tier3 training for Lavi for a slot to him. comment thread

Others Owe Me
~ in various threads ~

Random Favourites

Mudpie 237 :iconsnekderg-uploader:Snekderg-Uploader 5 1 Kali 235 :iconsnekderg-uploader:Snekderg-Uploader 5 0 Tiggers 234 :iconsnekderg-uploader:Snekderg-Uploader 6 1 Van Gogh 233 :iconsnekderg-uploader:Snekderg-Uploader 4 1 Swimming for pretties -excavating- :iconalriandi:Alriandi 12 0 Fire bird :iconalviaalcedo:AlviaAlcedo 1,944 62 Basic Trust Training tier 1 | Salvia :iconjalohauki:Jalohauki 53 21 Kukumas Day 11 :iconcrashfurs:Crashfurs 15 4 GrumpycatNo :iconmeganeffingsandbox:meganeffingsandbox 51 11 Kukuri - Girl's Gathering Tour :iconcalluna-draconis:Calluna-Draconis 29 6 part of the payment|| Page doll |Twilly-chronicals :iconmilunmatkat:MilunMatkat 26 11 Soft snow :iconsankko:Sankko 27 6 COM: Experiment 999 :icondemonml:DemonML 228 8 What a nice day :iconamar0q:Amar0q 45 5 I'll follow you into the dark :iconsignlesscan:SignlessCan 68 7 Cerberus :icondergenn:dergenn 34 4

My Beauties!

Collection of all my ARPG or CS characters!
:icontarkee: - Tracker
:iconkukuri-arpg: - Tracker
:iconsnekderg-arpg: - Stash
:iconsaurian-amoux: - Stash
:iconketucari: - Stash
:icondracostryx: - Stash


ClarityWind has started a donation pool!
503 / 3,000
This is only so I can slowly save up for premium membership. But if that takes too long, then points for potential contests I'll hold in the future :P
~Please don't feel obliged to donate. This is just here in case someone wants to for any reason.~

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Hi peeps!
I am so excited - my partner proposed to me! So as I do the rounds in announcing to our families and friends, I will be absent for a while.
I'll try responding to messages and things as I see them, but I am so happy and excited and done SO much crying!

Thanks so much for understanding!
Lots and lots of different ARPG's are present here. I am looking to both downsize my collection (super hard for me to do!) and also raise some funds for some upcoming expenses.

I am willing to negotiate.
Prices are in USD but I will also accept Euro.

Paamilk 865 by Kuku-ri
Paamilk 865
- 3 digit ID
- 70 FP (when not owned by me)
- Optional tier 2 and 3 training finished (or you can do your own and keep FP)
- no promised slots
Asking: $30-50 USD

Huraat 845 by Kuku-ri
Huraat 845
- 3 digit ID
- 188 FP (when owned by me)
- Completed BTT (tame)
- Used 3 (out of 5) slots
Asking: offer - tentative


Selling Genos Here (price range from $2 to $20)

095: Cydaea by TarkeeTales
095: Cydaea
- 2 digit ID
- has Breeding Badge
- Azmodan Daughter
- 238.6 XP (nearly level 4) Cydaea XP Tracker
- 3 (out of 5) slots used
Asking: offer - tentative

1) Male - Common Tyto
Nocturnal - Healthy
Flecked Tipped Soil with Blanket
Asking: $15 USD

1) Female - Common Corva
Crepuscular - Healthy
Scorched Soil with Ink
Asking: $10 USD

2) Male - Common Corva
Crepuscular - Healthy
Frosted Scorched Soil with Ink
Asking: $15 USD

3) Male - Common Tyto
Nocturnal - Healthy
Frosted Hooded Silver Soil with Ink
Asking: $20 USD

Leek 187 x Poot S26
Breeding Comment

3: Female - Python
Hooded Leaf with Underside
Asking: $10

4: Female - Python
Sunspotted Leaf with Underside
Asking: $10 USD

La'Ruk 174 x Debbie S24
Breeding Comment
2: Male - Python
Hooded Grullo Dune with Cape
Asking: $30 USD

Carlos 50 by CerresRegistry
Carlos 50
- 2 digit ID
- no promised slots
- Carlos Tracker
- has done 1 of his blood rites / has 11 RP
Asking: $20 USD

Farsight 45 by CerresRegistry
Farsight 45
- 2 digit ID
- no promised slots
Farsight Tracker
-has done 1 of her blood rites / has 22 RP
Asking: $25 USD

Nark'ar 008 x Kalakka 026
2. Common Indominus
Female- Diurnal
Banded Splattered Golden
Asking: $10 USD

Nark'ar 008 x Kalakka 026
1. Common Indominus
Male- Nocturnal
Sable Calico
Asking: $10 USD

Stalker 044 by Amoux-ARPG
Stalker 044
- 2 digit ID
- no promised slots
- clean slate
Asking: $20 USD

Hades 037 x Harley Quinn 040
Breeding Comment
1) Male, Spined
Adolescent, Healthy 
Brown with Accents , Tiger Stripe, Saddle and 
Asking: $40 USD

3) Male, Spined
Adolescent, Healthy 
Black with Accents, Saddle, Marked and Dorsal Stripe
Asking: $40 USD

4) Male, Spined
Adolescent, Healthy 
Brown with Accents, Tiger Stripe and Heart
Asking: $20 USD


Female - Natural Mane
Average - Healthy
marked greying tundra with accents
Asking: $10 USD

Tolly - Tagged by Rosedraq
Abraxes - Tagged by Voidtech
Catfish - Tagged by YaminaKakarot

Catfish 945 by Kuku-ri
Catfish 945

1) My first mutated Kukuri - Whiskers. Also my first Floppy Eared kukuri and the reason I am so in love with those ears.

2) Catfish cannot speak - he is mute. He communicates in a series of chirps, whistles and chittering noises. (Or 'blub')

3) He is certainly not shy, and appears to have no inner voice telling him that "hey, that thing looks dangerous. How about we NOT try to chitter at it?". This results in him getting into trouble, or into quite strange and awkward situations.

4) He was once adopted by a moose calf. This didn't phase him at all, but everyone else around him had NO idea why this calf was following him around everywhere.

5) Catfish is the reincarnation of 'bad neighbour'. He is nocturnal and as such is very awake whilst everyone else sleeps. He seems to not realise that others sleep at night and so will burst into rooms, dens, lairs and other places to find others to play with.

6) He REALLY likes tomatoes. Like. Obsessed.

7) Doesn't hold grudges. Takes each day as it comes. Possibly doesn't remember things beyond the present.

8) Terrible memory when it comes to anything. However when it comes to tomatoes, he is able to find exactly where they are, and recall events or memories surrounding the tomatoe encounter.

Tolly 991 by Kuku-ri
Tolly 991

1) Enjoys hunting, not always for food.

2) He is ruthless - when on the scent of his prey (regardless of what that prey is) he will not stop until it is brought down.

3) Frequently comes back with a fresh scar. He takes on opponents which are large and powerful. Small and weak prey or opponents aren't worth his time unless he just wants to play or have some fun with them.

4) Abusive, aggressive and passionate about lovemaking. His partners often leave bruised, possibly with a scar or two depending on how worked up he gets. This doesn't always stop them from coming back. His favorite partners are the ones which leave him with little scars to remind him of them.

5) He trusts no one, even his 'handler' Mortimer he trusts insofar as their goals align and the sick and twisted nature of Mortimer interests Tolly.

6) If you get between Tolly and his prey, he will hurt you. Badly.

7) Tolly was abandoned as a pup (rumoured that he murdered his parents), and as such never learned exactly -what- food is, or -who- he is. This led to him meeting Mortimer as a result of Tolly trying to hunt two other infant kukuri.

8) Tolly, despite not wishing to trust anyone, and being a total 'lone wolf' or 'if you want it done right, do it yourself' attitude (or even just enjoying getting his claws and teeth dirty), he regularly goes out with Mortimer to recruit creatures of similar mind set into Mortimer's Army.

Mature Content

After Battle Combat [ BTT 3 ] by ClarityWind
They are not your prey [ BTT 1 ] by ClarityWind

Abraxes 1235 by Kuku-ri
Abraxes 1235

1) Abraxes is intelligent, calculating and malicious. He hates traitors.

2) He wears a dark cloak which obscures most of his body and face as he walks - outfit typical of the Order.

3) Abraxes walks with a dramatic limp and hunched back. This limp is intentional to throw-off potential attackers as he uses their underestimation of his abilities to his advantage. His prosthetic claw creates a metallic sound as he steps on it, he also uses this for small psychological warfare.

4) He is very secretive and yet full of information. He will disclose this information to those who pay for it, but even then only so much which benefits him or holds his interest.

5) Abraxes robotic hand has a number of functionalities within the fingers. The hand is able to morph into other shapes or reshape itself to reveal picks, hooks and other tools - complete with retractable claws.

6) Despite his robotic leg, he is most dexterous with his legs and feet - preferentially using them to pick up implements, manipulate the world around him, or to tear his opponents to shreds.

7) When in combat, Abraxes looses his mind a little. He resorts to primal instinct as he maims and kills indescriminantly. He hisses violently and his eyes become mostly pupil - giving off a void-black look.

8) Despite all this, he is a Monk of the Order. He takes on assignments on behalf of his Order and follows the teachings and beliefs of this structure. According to his beliefs, he is following a path which will benefit all who follow the Order.


Rosedraq - I am in love with Cant 307 and want to know mooore!
VoidtechLada 1147 is interesting looking and I want to know more about the beebutt
YaminaKakarot - Red Reaper 922 she is caring and loving yet is called Reaper? NEED TO KNOW MORE
Galaxywolves - Iaso 1242 is just beautiful
Jalohauki - Varjelus 727 - spider creep is creepy
tarynsgate - Teigra 281 - beautiful tiger is beautiful...


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